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posted on Thu 24th January 2019

Thank you all for your interest in joining one of our Virgin Adventures in 2019. In the next few days we will be sending emails to confirm places on our 2019 Adventures.

On January 6th, we opened registrations for 6 new ‘have fun, do good’ adventures for 2019 (making it 7 in total with Cycle Cambodia)

In just a matter of days we have had lots of interest and over 550 places have been registered to date. More are coming in every day.

On two of the adventures (High Alps Trek and Bike Amsterdam) we received way more applications than we can accept and so last weekend (after just a few days) we stopped accepting registrations. On all the others, numbers are high but we remain open, on some for just a few remaining places.

The good news is that we will be writing to you all in the next few days, and with the exception of the two adventures that are heavily oversubscribed, mostly we will be writing to offer you a place.

Once you have received your email, its important that you pay your deposit on time, which will then secure your place. Then you can get excited and start training!

If you applied for the High Alps Trek or Bike Amsterdam, then good luck and I hope we can oblige.
On the High Alps Trek, we are limited to just 50 people (over three times that number applied) and for Bike Amsterdam, we are planning on a maximum of 60 people (plus a support team) which is subject to a final test run and hotel selection.

If you didn’t get the adventure you wanted, then we will put you on the standby list automatically and please do consider joining one of our other adventures that have spaces. We would love to show you the magic of a Virgin adventure and life at the edge of your comfort zone.

I hope to see you on an adventure in 2019,


'Registrations are flooding in. 2019 promises to be a year of adventure for us all. '

posted on Sat 12th January 2019

On the 6th of January we opened registrations for our 2019 Virgin Adventures. In just 6 days we have received an incredible (more than) 450 applications, with more expected over the coming days. Our 7 adventures can each have between 50 and even 90 (our Caribbean Sail) adventurers on each. That means we can provide up to 400 places in 2019. When we factor in that some of you applied to do more than 1 adventure, providing you have some flexibility and have not just applied for an adventure that is oversubscribed, we think there is an adventure waiting for everyone. This weekend (12th Jan) we will be closing registrations for Bike Amsterdam and The High Alps Trek, which are now heavily oversubscribed. Registrations will remain open for all other adventures until they are full. You can expect to receive emails from us in the week commencing January 21st offering you a place on the adventure you have registered for, and a chance to secure it with a deposit. If your adventure is full, we will also email and endeavour to offer you an alternative place on another adventure. Please note that if you have asked to do both Bike Amsterdam AND High Alps Trek, this will not be possible as they are in high demand. Really looking forward to writing to you all soon and getting going with adventure training and planning for 2019, many thanks for your activism! Chris

'Adventure Registration for 2019 is expected to open later today.'

posted on Sun 6th January 2019

The details for all our 2019 adventures are now finalised. The content is being loaded and we expect to have the adventures open for registrations later this evening. I am excited about them all and I hope we can share another exciting, challenging and memorable adventure with you. Register and look forward to an adventure in 2019!


posted on Thu 6th December 2018

I am finalising our 2019 and 2020 Adventure Plans. Our 2018 challenges have seen another record year of participation and fund raising. We completed 7 adventure challenges all over the world and raised over £100,000, having fun and doing good. We are not done yet!

In January we will be opening up all our remaining 2019 adventures for registration. Once you are registered we will let you know if you have a place and soon after we will take your deposit which will confirm your place.

In the meantime I would like to give you the confirmed and provisional dates for our 2019 and some 2020 adventures so you can make plans and perhaps book leave.
Please note the date each adventure opens for registration, you wont want to miss it!


Open for registrations and deposits. Hurry, only a few places left!

Open for registrations

Open for registrations on January 6th

Open for registrations on January 6th

CYCLE SOUTH INDIA OCTOBER 6-11th* (provisional date, subject to minor change by a few days)
Open for registrations on January 6th

Open for registrations on January 6th

CARIBBEAN SAIL NOVEMBER 9-16th* (provisional date)
Open for registrations on January 6th

CLIMB MOROCCO DECEMBER 3* (provisional date)
Open for registrations on January 6th


Open for registrations on January 6th (2019)

More 2020 adventures to be announced soon...

Look forward to an adventure with you in 2019

'Postponing the IRR '

posted on Tue 19th June 2018

Unfortunately with less than 3 months to go until the Indian Rickshaw Run adventure, we have less than half the required minimum 21 riders, and so following a thorough evaluation with Simon yesterday, we have made the difficult decision to cancel IRR 2019. We’re really sorry to disappoint, and would love to operate the trip, but the low numbers make this financially untenable, and equally importantly, we want these adventures to have the critical mass and momentum that gave them their powerful impact in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and feel that this just wouldn’t be the case with less than 10 riders.

So we will be giving the rickshaw run a break for a couple of years, but anticipate that it may be back. Of course we have other awesome adventures with places in 2018 in Morocco and Kenya and then a wonderful list in 2019. including new adventures galore.

It just goes to show that you should grab your adventure whenever you can and not assume it will be there for ever.

See you on an adventure soon,

'announcing news of our 'BIKE the Desert, HIKE the Atlas and CELEBRATE in style at Richard Branson's 'Kasbah Tamadot' 6 days in exotic Morocco'

posted on Fri 1st June 2018

Announcing the details of our desert bike ride and climb in Morocco. Register now to guarantee a place.

Our Virgin Morocco adventure this year has everything.
If you have always wanted to go to Marrakech or visit Kasbah Tamadot and do an adventure, look no further. It may be the last year we run this adventure!

It is an exciting all-comers Desert bike ride combined with the challenge climb of North Africa's highest mountain and then finishing in style, in Virgin territory, at Richard Branson's amazing property, Kasbah Tamadot.

Building on our hugely successful climbs of Mt Toubkal in 2015/16 and 2017, this year we want to go a step further and combine an adventure on bicycles. We'll cycle from Marrakech and into the desert where we will spend the night in an exclusive camp under the stars. From there we'll cycle into the Atlas Mountains to our base camp at the picturesque town of Imlil, and the next day begin a 2 day climb of the highest mountain in The Atlas. We will finish in style, with an exclusive stay for the adventurers at The Kasbah Tamadot for 2 nights.

Our exclusive stay at the Kasbah Tamadot will include one of our legendary Adventure parties, but we will also visit the local Berber community, a highlight for many, to donate our bicycles and join in the inauguration and opening of a multi use football pitch (games area) our previous adventures paid for.

The bike ride will take place over 2 days and you will be riding local bikes that you have fundraised for and will donate to the community. The bike ride will start with the challenge of leaving the city of Marrakech and then relatively smooth roads into the desert. Day one will be approximately 50km. Day two, about 90km, will be more of a challenge as we leave the desert and head into the foothills of the Atlas mountains and our nights stay at Imlil.

The next morning, we begin our 2 day climb challenge of Mt Toubkal, at 4167m, the highest in North Africa.
The challenge of climbing with crampons, sometimes on icy ground, combined with cold and altitude will stretch you. Having said that, with our excellent team of guides and support staff, almost everyone made it to the top on both years and so with some fitness and real determination we still think this is an all comers climb.
The climb itself is lead and supported by an amazing team of guides and cooks. In fact we will have ten guides and approximately 5 cooks for our 3 day climb. Many people have said one of the best parts of the climb was the amazing support and kindness of the guides. The food is also one of the highlights of the climb!

So get into training and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

We will have some places available for previous adventurers who have done the climb and want only to come at the end to the Kasbah Tamadot to celebrate the opening of the multi-use games area they fundraised for.


10th-16th December

The trip and itinerary will span 6 days.


Marrakech is too beautiful a city to miss.
We will all gather in Marrakech, latest on the 10th for a gala dinner to enjoy before the challenge itself. Last year more than half the group took advantage of being in Marrakech and arrived a day or two early.


On the 11th, after a morning brief and bike allocation we begin our bike ride as a group leaving the city of Marrakech, heading for the near desert and the Terre des Etoiles desert Camp for a night under the stars. A relatively easy days riding along flat ground covering about 50km.
An early start on the 12th as we have a full days riding ahead. We leave the desert and make our way over 90 kms and into the foothills of the Atlas mountains to finish at the pretty town of Imlil.


Switching from our bikes to our climbing boots, today we meet our amazing team of guides and cooks. In fact we will have ten guides and approximately 5 cooks for our 2 day climb. Many people have said one of the best parts of the climb was the amazing support and kindness of the guides. The food is also one of the highlights of the climb.
The 13th will begin with a brief from our Guides and then a 6-8 hour walk Initially through winding valleys, past Berber villages and then up and up, past stunning scenery of the High Atlas to reach our stone refuge that will be our home for 1 night. Its dormitory style accommodation on bunk beds with fire places for warmth. Its early to bed to prepare for an early start for the summit.
Our second days climb is the biggest challenge to reach the summit and descend in one day. The group will be well supported and motivated as we check in at the end to the Kasbah Tamadot.
Its a long day, particularly challenging will be the scree, ice and altitude. It requires no mountaineering experience and the panoramic views from the summit makes the hard work worthwhile. The group will be well prepared with crampons (used only if required) provided as we climb above the snow line and with layers to cope with a temperature range of +15 in the daytime to around -5 degrees (sometimes lower) first thing in the morning. The climbers will finish in Imlil in the late afternoon and then its just a 10 minute transfer to a well deserved end of adventure celebration.


An amazing two nights fully hosted by the Kasbah Tamadot. The highlight will be a Gala dinner party on 15th and probably the best party ever!

'Caribbean Sailors waiting for confirmation of a place on this years adventure'

posted on Wed 9th May 2018

For those of you that have applied to join the sail and are awaiting news of a place:

Thanks so much for your patience, and my apologies for keeping you all waiting.

I wanted to update you on news of your application to join our Caribbean Sail. About 50 of you are in the holding pool waiting for news from me.
9 Boats have been confirmed, with 60 about places filled. We can hopefully take another 5 (maximum) boats, equating to about 25 of you (5 more skippers and total of 6 on each boat).

The pinch point for us is finding additional skippers (from within Virgin, or friends) to take us beyond the 9 boats we have filled with the BVI Volunteers and last years postponed group.
This is the reason for the delay.

Right now I believe we can grow by 2 more boats, as we have found 2 more skippers. So thats approximately 10 more places and up to 11 boats.
Sunsail will need to know soon the final number of boats. So we are actively searching to find a few more boat skippers and then we will be in touch with all of you (and Sunsail) to finalise.

I anticipate writing (certainly by the end of May) to you all again and asking who is still up for the sail. We will see how the numbers are and allocate soon after.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate (caribbeansail@havefundogood.co.uk). The obvious one is how will we allocate the remaining places. I can say we will prioritise those that have not done it yet and then probably use sensible criteria based on a combination of factors.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to have some good news very soon,



posted on Wed 28th March 2018

Namaste Adventurers,

For those who have registered, today you should have received emails telling you we are now ready to receive deposits and confirm places on the Indian Rickshaw Run.
2018 is our last Indian Rickshaw Run (we believe in creating new adventures) and so if you have ever wanted to drive auto-rickshaws through India's most beautiful state and into our Virgin supported community, register now to receive more information on how to secure your place.

We have space for about 60 people and so if you know you want to come you'll need to pay your deposit to secure your place or risk it filling up.
We welcome partners, family and friends too.

All the details are provided on our dedicated web page, set up by the wonderful Tot and Simon at Grasshoppers, who have been leading the logistics of our Bike Rides and Rickshaw Runs since we set them up in 2011.

The dates provided on the webpage are from the 16 September until 23rd. That means you have to be in Delhi on the 16th, to catch the overnight train on the same day to Rajasthan, and you will be back in Delhi ready to fly home on the 23rd (in time for VS301).

We are finalising our Delhi hosting on the 15th and hope to have more news soon, which would mean flying out to Delhi a day early.
Its a wonderful idea in any case to arrive early or stay on to make the most of being near the Taj Mahal and see Udaipur at the end.

I have set up more than 50 adventures over 10 years and I must say that the Indian Rickshaw Run is one I would not have missed. It really has it all.

See you all in Delhi!


'General Registrations to Open for Caribbean Sail 2018 (10-17 November) on Friday 16th. limited places available!'

posted on Tue 13th March 2018

We promised that we would give everyone from the postponed 2017 Sail first go at signing up for 2018.
We have now completed that process, all 90 2017 participants have received personal emails, and approximately 50 have confirmed they are coming in 2018.

After Hurricane IRMA, the BVI are firmly in recovery mode with tourists now welcomed back as a vital lifeline in supporting communities rebuild and recover. Our 2018 sail, with more than 90 Virgin Adventurers, will play an important part in helping as we spin round the islands making friends and spending money at local restaurants and shops. We also hope to connect with the community and school we helped rebuild too. Richard is looking forward to hosting us too and the hope is that Necker will be up and running just in time for the sail giving us more reasons to celebrate.

We have planned for 14 boats, the same as 2016 and what was planned for 2017. We have space for a total of 90.

The fantastic news is that we have up to 40 places available for this years sailing adventure.


I look forward to sailing with you all,



posted on Wed 7th February 2018

Thanks for your patience whilst I finalised the details of our Climb of Mt Fuji challenge.

Tonight I sent all the information on our Climb Fuji adventure to everyone that has registered. I have 45 places and more than 150 have registered and so if Japan and Climb Fuji are on your bucket list please don't delay in sending your deposit which will secure your place.



posted on Tue 30th January 2018

As everyone who attended our rocking Adventure Party in East London last night knows, we have just revealed our 2018 and preliminary 2019 Adventure list.

Details will provided and registrations will be open very soon. Please visit our HOME page to check.

It is a magical mix of old and new giving everyone a chance to join an established challenge they have always wanted to do, but also keep our veteran adventurers excited about new challenges.
Some of our adventures are being run for the last time and so look out for our 'Last Great' Adventures which this year are our 'Last Great Bike Paris' and 'Last Great Indian Rickshaw Run'.

So don't miss out on the chance to challenge yourself, have fun and do good in 4 continents.
With 18 adventures, Virgin Staff, family and friends are once again sure to live life on the edge of their comfort zone, whether its Hiking or Climbing, Tuk-Tuking or Cycling, or sailing around the British Virgin Islands.

Registrations for all our adventures will be open soon.

Chris and The Adventure Team


posted on Thu 4th January 2018

I am delighted and excited to announce we have confirmed an awesome venue for our Adventure Party on January 29th and tickets are on sale from today.

Its time to dust off your glad rags and put on your kitten heels for another crazy night with your fellow adventurers, mountaineers and cyclists. We have more adventures for you to hear about too.

Our second adventure party will be held at Dinerama, a Hipster Warehouse venue in London thats exclusively ours for the night.

Located in one of Londons trendiest neighbourhoods, Shoreditch, its just minutes walking distance from 3 major stations: Liverpool Street, Old Street and Shoreditch High Street.

Well known for great street food and a lively atmosphere, Included in the price of your ticket are 6 alcoholic drinks (including our own Virgin Adventure Cocktail!) and choose 3 plates of food from one of the famous street vendors set up to look after us for the night.
We will of course have our own DJ to give us great music and dance the night away and a big screen to showcase our adventures.

Our adventure party belongs to all of you, past and future adventurers. Last year more than 350 came and it rocked.

Friends and anyone interested in any of our adventures are most welcome.

Tickets are £40pp.

See you there!

To buy your tickets simply visit our website 'havefundogood.co.uk' and register by clicking on '2018 VIRGIN ADVENTURES PARTY' and we will send you the details and account to transfer money for your tickets. You will then be put on the guest list.

Chris and the Adventure Team

'Cycle West Coast USA Update'

posted on Wed 3rd January 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

On Monday 1st January I wrote to everyone who has registered for our West Coast Cycle USA Bike ride in October 2018 to open for deposits to secure places.

In just 2 days the adventure is now approaching FULL! Nearly 50 deposits have been paid, amazing energy.
Please DO NOT send any more deposits.
If you have registered, have not paid your deposit and still want to come, you will now have to email first. If there are any places I will respond to your email.

email cyclewestcoastusa@havefundogood.co.uk

More adventures to be announced on January 29th!

'Virgin Adventures Party Update. Change of Venue'

posted on Sat 16th December 2017

Last month I announced our second Virgin Adventures Party at The Kensington Roof Gardens on January 29th 2018. Bringing past, present and future Adventurers together.
Many of you have said you will be coming and have requested the day off to attend. If its anything like last year it promises to be a wonderful reunion and great fun and of course you will hear about some new adventures for 2018 too.

10 days ago (whilst I was up a mountain in Morocco!)I was advised that The Roof Gardens will not be hosting any events for the foreseeable future and as such our Adventures Party will have to find an alternative venue.
I am hopeful that I can provide a venue for our party every bit as fun, with a cool vibe and in Central London. This week I will be visiting several venues and I hope to have good news for us all and open up for ticket sales.

Sorry about the delay, but as with every adventure, we are at our best when we adapt to the last minute challenges!
Stay awesome and save the date!


posted on Wed 22nd November 2017

I am delighted to finally announce the dates for Climb Fuji 2018.

The Climb of Mt Fuji will begin with a gathering in Tokyo on the 19th August, and finish after Breakfast on August 23rd. It will take place over 5 days and 4 nights

If you are coming from the UK, the last date to leave will therefore be the 18th August. For those intending to come home immediately after, catching a flight to the UK on the 23rd will also work.

The climbers will gather assembling in a downtown Tokyo hotel on the 19th, with an evening out, drinks and dinner planned.

On the 20th their will be a wonderful tour of all the sights in Tokyo, starting early in the morning (if we are lucky the famous Tuna auction) with the oldest and biggest fish market in the world and including city views, shrines and iconic Tokyo sights. We will end the day with a group night out.

The climb itself will take place on the 21st and 22nd, with a night on the mountain itself. The group will leave Tokyo for the 2 hour drive to the base of Mt Fuji after a morning brief. The climb will begin in the afternoon, with the group spending the night in a rest hut at the 8th station. After a short night the group will rise early in the morning to make the summit for sunrise. Climbers will descend and the group will take the short ride to enjoy a well earned spa session at a nearby Onsen.

The group will celebrate with a party in the evening on return to Tokyo.

emails are being sent to those (well over 100!) that have registered, with all the details and costs. Including where to pay your deposit to secure your place.



posted on Wed 22nd November 2017

I am excited and pleased to confirm the dates for our inaugural Cycle West Coast USA bike ride.

The ride will begin in San Francisco on 20th October, and finish in Los Angeles on the 28th. For those returning to the UK, the first flight back will be the evening of the 28th, and therefore landing in the UK on the 29th.

All the ride details, including the expected price will be published very shortly and everyone who has registered will be sent an email giving them an opportunity to secure their place with a deposit. Registered Interest is high and places are limited so if you know you are up for one of our biggest and most challenging bike rides, don't delay.

I can tell you that the ride route is staggeringly beautiful. An iconic Californian desert and mountain adventure cycle ride on road that’s totally original. After a warm up ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, the group will begin seven days of riding from Lake Tahoe, through the Sierra Nevada and Mono Lake, past Mt Whitney, past Death Valley and the edge of Yosemite and into Mojave to celebrate with Virgin Galactic. The final day will see the group ride into Los Angeles along the coast to finish in Santa Monica.

Look forward to riding with you all, save the date and look out for an email from me soon,



posted on Tue 17th October 2017


I am really excited to inform you that following discussions with UNITE BVI which concluded just yesterday, that the Virgin Adventurers will be gathering a group of volunteers to help in the recovery effort.

Lauren and Kim from Unite BVI informed me yesterday that they had cleared the last logistical issue and found accommodation for us on Virgin Gorda. We would be welcomed as a group of volunteers and they would LOVE to have us!! There is plenty for us to do.

Humanitarian Projects are many and varied, including debris removal, beautifying streets and beaches, getting schools up and running, painting of buildings. Expertise from our group in handling tools and machines is also prized along with other key skills in construction.

My immediate task is to gather a group together and organise us into an effective volunteer force to prepare to do good in the BVI. The perfect sized group will be between 20-30 of us.
It will take place over the same week as this years Caribbean Sail. We will gather in BVI on the 11th November and spend 4-5 days Volunteering. After which we will finish as a group and probably fly back to ANU or BGI, maybe to unwind together and relax, before heading back to London.

We will be put up in a warehouse in Spanish Town,Virgin Gorda, and so the cost will be minimal. We will just have to pay for food and water when we are there and a few incidentals such as the $30 return ferry from Tortola.

The experience will be hard and valuable work, testing at times, sometimes frustrating but throughout I am sure we will always always be humbled to be working alongside people rebuilding their lives. To be sharing this experience with a tight-knit group of Virgin Adventurers will I am sure make this a fulfilling and unique experience. It will also set us up holistically for a wonderful sail next year in 2018.

I hope that our energy can lift morale and tourist spend can help transition the BVI from relief to recovery. There are a few restaurants open now and there is every sense that we can do our bit to help during the day and then unwind as a group of volunteers (with others) gathering on the beach and enjoying a few beers.
British Virgin Islands, remains a beautiful place, beaches and sunsets continue to be the ones that dreams are made of. We can do good!

Please email me (chris.hall@fly.virgin.com) asap to get on the volunteer list and I will provide all the details.


posted on Mon 16th October 2017

I hope to have some exciting news later today about replacing our Sail with volunteering in the BVI for a few days over the same period.
Inevitably as a smaller group, the emphasis is to really DO GOOD and be active helping as kick-ass Virgin Adventurers, getting down-n-dirty as a team. Our Virgin energy would help clean up and rebuild. Days would be hard but rewarding. Evenings will be spent on the beautiful beaches in the BVI in a thoroughly worthwhile adventure which will set us up strongly for next years sail.
UNITE BVI have found a project for us to be involved in and tonight I hope to hear they have somewhere on land to accommodate us whilst we complete a volunteer clean-up or rebuild.
Chris Hall

'Caribbean Sail 2017 Cancelled'

posted on Wed 27th September 2017

Dear Sailors,

Yesterday we heard from Sunsail that they will not be able to provide us with Boats for our Caribbean Sail Challenge in November.

As such, we are very sorry to announce that our Caribbean Sail 2017 is cancelled. The Sail Brief we had planned on Friday 29th is now also cancelled.

We are grateful to Sunsail for doing their best to try and find boats in time, and of course we completely understand the challenges and difficulties being faced following one of the worst ever Caribbean hurricanes. They simply ran out of time and are anticipating December now as the earliest date for any boat charters.

Sunsail have promised full refunds and we will be in touch over the next few days to give you more information on processing them. I believe they are ready to refund us in a matter of days, following which we should be able to transfer payments fairly swiftly.

The obvious default position for us all is to acknowledge the bigger picture, the challenges faced by Sunsail, and the people and infrastructure all around the BVI in the aftermath of Irma.

Instead we can all focus on the Caribbean Sail 2018 which promises to be much stronger all round with time to rebuild.

We anticipate offering all the sailors from 2017 the chance to join in 2018, and look forward to giving further information towards the end of the year.


'The Caribbean Sail and Hurricane Irma'

posted on Thu 7th September 2017

Dear Sailors,

As you are only too well aware, Hurricane Irma (Atlantic's most powerful storm ever) has just passed over The BVI and is hitting the Caribbean hard right now and for the next few days.
It has already caused widespread damage with the centre of the Storm passing directly over Tortola. Richard in true style dug deep and remained on Necker with his staff and some family. Early reports coming out of Necker and Tortola suggest that it has suffered some of the worst damage overnight.

The fallout from Hurricane Irma is unfolding and expected to include damage to homes, flooding and make areas uninhabitable for weeks if not months according to the National Hurricane Centre.

Our thoughts are with Richard and everyone affected by Irma.
I know the focus now at Virgin Atlantic is on assisting with providing seats for emergency rescue teams and immediate relief aid on our flights destined for the disaster areas, and of course repatriation of stranded passengers.

I think we have all seen some pretty dramatic pictures of the BVI today, including widespread damage to boats which may affect our sail. At this stage, it is too early to speculate on the consequences for our sail in November. One thing is for sure: we now have plenty to fundraise for.

We are in touch with Sunsail and promise to update you as soon as we know. The picture on the ground in Tortola may remain confused for some time whilst normal communications are restored and the damage assessed. We certainly expect to be able to update you fully when we are together for our Sail brief on September 29th.

If you would like to help in the meantime, donate through Virgin Unite and Unite BVI Click here


posted on Sat 29th July 2017

Thank you adventure cyclists for your patience on news of our inaugural West Coast USA ride.
Don't worry, you haven't missed paying your deposits yet.
We have been busy defining the route and piecing together the logistics and very soon we will have all the details and be able to take your deposits to confirm your place.
I can confirm that the ride will be in California, and take place in early October 2018. Please note this is a change from the plan to do it in September.
We have two routes planned and in October we will complete a test run of our preferred route.
Full details and emails coming out in September to give you more and confirm your places.
Chris Hall


posted on Tue 6th June 2017

Hello Awesome Adventurer's!
We wanted to remind you all.
Its time to get ready for our Summer Party! Just 6 weeks to go and we are getting ready to host you all and have a wonderful unifying party under the Sussex Stars. Don't miss out and hear more about our Adventure plans for 2017. There might (!) be some wonderful food too and just a bit of dancing! Camp the night for just £10 of just 'partaay' until the sun comes up!
To buy your tickets for the party (£15) or join in for the weekend South Downs Walk visit www.havefundogood.co.uk

See you all there!
Tim, Jackie, Chris and The Adventure Team


posted on Fri 5th May 2017

We are pleased and excited to announce that our once in a lifetime Virgin Adventure ride from Nairobi to Cape Town will open today for bookings.
All the plans are in place and we cant wait to share all the details of our first 'ultra' adventure.

A pedal powered journey across the African continent, the whole ride will cover an incredible 6520km and take 68 days.

Choose to complete one of six legs, each with its own challenges and highlights. Cycle round Kilimanjaro, through Masai country, game reserves, the Zambezi, Victoria Falls, along the Elephant Highway, through the Kalahari Desert, the worlds largest sand dunes in Namibia and finish in the wine lands of Cape Town with a magical gathering and party.

If you have registered, you will receive all the information to reserve your place. If you haven't registered and want to join James and Chris on our toughest adventure yet, register now and we'll be in touch!

James, Chris and the Adventure Team

'2018 Climb Kilimanjaro and Trek China Emails due out this week'

posted on Mon 27th March 2017

Many of you have registered for our 2018 Adventures and are awaiting the final details including how to secure your place and pay a deposit. I am delighted to say we have finalised the dates and details for Climb Kilimanjaro and Trek China and this week everyone who has registered will receive an email with a chance to commit to adventure!
We have many registered and our advice is to confirm your place as soon as you receive the email and know you can come to avoid your adventure becoming full.

To follow suit soon, in mid April, will be our email offers for Bike Africa, Climb Fuji and Cycle West Coast USA. Standby for more from us soon on these!

Chris and the Adventure Team

'2017 Caribbean Sail email Offers due out on Thursday 9th March'

posted on Wed 8th March 2017

Following negotiations with our providers, which took longer than we had hoped, we are now in a position to finalise our costs and send out offers to those who have registered for the Virgin Caribbean Sail. Following receipt of an email offer, your place will only be guaranteed on receipt of your deposit (due March 31st).
We will be offering approximately 80 places, and so with more than 200 registered not everyone will receive an offer. Some will receive an email indicating they are on the standby list. Judging by what happened last year we do expect to see quite a few receive an offer (later) from the standby list so don't lose hope if you want to come! This is because some of you have asked to come on 2 or even 3 adventures and for others circumstances may have changed.

Thanks for your amazing interest in the Caribbean Sail Adventure!

Chris and the Adventure Team

'2017 Adventures Summer Party 22July'

posted on Fri 24th February 2017

After the success of our January Roof Gardens Party, we cant resist bringing us together again for a Summer Party with Live Music and a BBQ.

Announcing the Virgin Atlantic Adventurers Summer Party, which will be held at Coombes Farm Barn, near Lancing in West Sussex on July 22nd.

The ticket price of £15 will include entrance to the party and a wonderful BBQ of Whole Roast Suckling Pig (Veggie option too) with a pay bar too.

Party goers will be joining forces with those who have signed up for the South Downs Walk and everyone will be able to dance the night away with live music at our farm venue.

For party goers that wants to stay over, bring a tent and stay the night (£10pp).

If you are up for Summer fun, please register for tickets on the Summer Party Adventure link on the home page.

'if you asked for more than one place on an adventure'

posted on Tue 21st February 2017

Just to be clear that if you been accepted on an adventure and have asked for more than 1 place, then the acceptance includes everyone on your application.
Remember, your place or places are only confirmed on receipt of deposit. Your adventure may become full if you delay paying your deposit!

Chris and the Adventure Team

'Let The Adventures Begin!'

posted on Tue 21st February 2017

Let the Adventures begin!
ON Sunday the 19th February we sent emails to everyone who has registered for an adventure.
If you have not received your email, please email your respective adventure @havefundogood.co.uk (for example rideindia@havefundogood.co.uk).

In just one month more than 1200 places for an adventure have been requested.
With the exception of the Caribbean Sail, I am delighted to say we made provisional offers to everyone on every adventure!

Many of our adventures have large numbers registered and so, be sure to send your deposits when requested to do so, which will be your guarantee of a place.

If anyone has not yet registered, there is still time but hurry if you are seeking adventure!

Chris and the team