frequently asked questions

How do I apply to join an Adventure?
It's easy!

Head on over to the home page of this site, select the adventure(s) you would like to apply for and fill in the registration form at the bottom of each adventure page. Once we have managed to process all the applications, you will hear back letting you know if your application was successful.

When will I hear if I have a place?
It depends really ...

We will endeavour to reply as soon as we can. Our Adventures are staff led in our own time and so it can take a few days to reply.

How do I confirm my place on an Adventure?
there are some logistics..

Once you have registered for your adventure, we will write to you offering you a place. The email will tell you how to pay your deposit and make your payments. It is important to note that its only once we receive your payment that your place is confirmed and not before.

How do you decide who gets a place?
The secret sauce

Most of our Adventures are not oversubscribed and so we are normally able to offer a place to everyone who wants to live life on the edge. Occasionally an Adventure is oversubscribed and in this case we select to ensure we have a fair selection of employees from across the business.

Can I bring someone with me?
Sharing the love.

We welcome friends and family of Virgin staff. We think our Virgin adventures are a wonderful way to show Virgin off to family or friends and a rare opportunity for them to meet and engage with other Virgins.

Do I have to work for Virgin Atlantic to come on an Adventure?
We're friendly ..

No. We welcome family and friends of staff too.

Do I have to fundraise a minimum amount on my Adventure?
It is for charity after all.

On some of our adventures we do have a minimum fundraising amount to cover the cost of bikes or Rickshaws or equipment we are donating. On other adventures we have no minimum (and no maximum!) amount. We do ask that EVERYONE opens a fundraising page as a minimum and has a go!

How do I fundraise for my Adventure?
Virgin Money Giving...

All of our adventures try to do some good. For each adventure we have set up Virgin Money Giving page and you will be shown how to set yours up for your adventure

Can I fundraise for a charity of my choice?
Sharing is caring.

Yes. If you want to raise money for a charity of your choice you can do so using our 50/50 model. Half of all funds will go to the nominated charity for the adventure and half will go to the charity of your choice

Are my flights included?

No, flights are NOT included in the cost. Many of our adventures begin abroad and in that case you are responsible for deciding how you get there.

How do I organise my flights?
I know this airline ...

You will need to book and pay for your own flight.

Do I have to do my Adventure using my own leave?
It's sad, but true.

Yes. Our model is focussed on affordable staff lead adventures which we do in our own time to have fun and do some good.

Why on some adventures does it say Price TBC?
It can be complicated.

We try to get an accurate cost for each adventure at the outset, but sometimes we can only confirm the final cost nearer the time due to exchange rates and also suppliers who confirm the exact cost based on how many adventurers have signed up.

What does the cost of an Adventure include?
Lots and lots.

This will be made clear for each adventure when you are offered a place. Normally all accommodation, food and soft drinks are included from the start date until the finish.

What does the cost of an Adventure exclude?
Some stuff..

This will be made clear for each adventure when you are offered a place. Notable exclusions are Flights (if required) and Visas if needed.

Is my bike provided for my cycling adventure?
Normally, yes, but check the details.

This will be made clear when you sign up for your adventure. Normally your bike is provided.

What kind of insurance do I need to have on my Adventure?
This is important.

You will be responsible for ensuring you obtain your own insurance for your adventure.

Can I fly out standby?
Many do ..

Many choose to fly standby where they can, particularly when they are to Virgin Atlantic destinations and many of the adventures are specifically planned to take place in the low season to increase the chances of doing so. You may need to fly out a day or two early if you are flying standby.

What happens if I want to go out early or come back later?
What a great idea!

This can be a great idea and many of our adventurers choose to do just that. If you have made the effort to go out to India or Japan or Kenya for your adventure there are lots of cool things to see!

How fit do I have to be to sign up for my Adventure?
Be fit.

Each adventure is a challenge and normally your own fitness will be an important factor in determining your success. We cant recommend enough a proper training regime focussed on your challenge to ensure you are able to enjoy and complete your adventure. Your adventure leader will give you plenty of advice about fitness and equipment.

What happens if I cancel my place?
We try to be fair.

We try to refund where we can, specifically when we are able to replace you. Normally however your deposit is non-refundable. Consider taking out insurance to cover any withdrawal.

I have some questions, whom do I email?
Email baby!

Email the address listed under 'NEED HELP' for the adventure you are interested in